Getting Your Guest House Online!

If you are Whitstable, or anyone across the UK and are looking to get your Guest House seen online to boost business and attract new visitors from across the world, look no further. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that you stand out on the big world of online rentals.

Choose a Platform

Whether it is your own handmade website or a rental platform, pick one, or many platforms that you want to be featured on and read up on each one. Make sure they fit with what you do, what you offer and who you want or do cater to in terms of demographic. Read terms and conditions and understand how everything from registration to payment works.

Once you have done that, follow the appropriate sign up process and guidelines to get yourself up and running on the platform(s).


To get noticed, you will need to do more than just post ads and listings on and offline. Marketing is key. How you look to people in pictures and online will ultimately make or break their decision to stay with you. Social Media and other online tools can definitely help boost your image and traction online and on the platforms (see above) you chose. You may also want to consider SEO Hosting as a great way to help manage online marketing efforts and enhance your overall online presence. There are many other benefits to an online presence as well, especially as your business gains traction and gets busier.

Applicant Screening

One other helpful tip is to make sure that you do the appropriate and necessary screening of those who rent your space. You want to ensure that you are renting to someone that will be respectful of your space, you and of the rules you lay out and that nothing gets broken or stolen.